Frequently Asked questions and more infos


FAQ’s and how to book a tattoo appointment with me as a first time client: 

To avoid a lot of e-mailing back and forth and a more efficient process to getting your tattoo, please read this info and guide.

Include these steps below in your inquiry that goes to

- In what city do you want to get tattooed? I tattoo in several studios on a frequent basis, in Oslo, Basel and Müllheim (for appointments in Müllheim please contact directly!)

- When would you like to get tattooed? (please note that I book only a few months at a time)

- Please send a short description about what you would like to have tattooed (please do not write a massive text, if you feel like you need a lot of words to describe what you want, then it’s probably a good idea to book a consultation).

- Include a picture of the area/bodypart you would like to get tattooed in natural daylight.

- 1-3 inspirational pictures of your ideas or vision. It can be anything from already existing tattoos, photography, drawings etc. (Optional)

- If you have a realistic budget you may also include this. (Optional)

- Other questions you might have, remember that no questions are too stupid, I will answer what you wonder about! 

If you include these steps in your approach, you will be assured a quicker procedure.

I also get asked a lot if I would design the motive, and yes I do. 

I do also have a few already existing «ready to tattoo» designs that I would love to do at a smaller rate!

If you are looking for a consultation, you may also write all of the info above so I know a bit about what the project is about.

Finally, please remember that I am a one person business and I have other duties and a personal life besides my business, so I won’t be able to answer new inquiries every day. (weekends & holidays are off )

Messages through my personal Facebook or over Instagram aren’t guaranteed a response. Many of them end up in the spam folder, so please use or (for clients in Müllheim).

Inquiries in English, German, Swedish and Norwegian are welcome! 

Thank you for reading this, and I’m looking forward to hear from you!