About me


 I  am a Norwegian tattoo artist, specializing in Black & Grey realism and semi-realism, cover up’s, roses and floral designs. My style reflects my inspirations of baroque art, art nouveau, fine art, photography and natural elements. I do also occasionally mix styles within the mentioned above and dark art, gothic art and horror. 


I started tattooing in 2011, as an apprentice at Symbolic Ink Tattoo (now named Oslo Tattoo Collective). After traveling a lot both personal and business wise, I set a new foot in Germany and Switzerland, and currently I tattoo in 3 studios simultaneously and upon request.

Current base

BLEKK in Oslo (NOR), Miami Mike in Müllheim (DE), Tattoo Gallery in Basel (CH).

I have tattooed all over the world as a guest artist, and I am open for invitations!